The 7th and 8th grade students have been studying the history of the Catholic Church from the Early Church to the year 1300 AD. Each student created a PowerPoint presentation on one Saint of the Catholic Church who lived prior to the year 1300 and presented it in class. They needed to include information on the Saints Life, how the saint used his/her talents to do God’s work on Earth,the obstacles the Saint faced in doing God’s work, the qualities they admire in this saint, and when, who, how, what made them a Saint. The Power Points also included pictures of the Saint and a map indicating where the Saint lived or performed his/her work for God.

by Acacia Marks by Andrew Fogle
by Brenden Redmon by Casey Jones
by Drew Johns by Elizabeth Belinky
St. Gertrude by Emily Kopmanis
by Emma Hamilton
by Joe DeSana by Katheryn Karas
by Lauren Gannon by Luke Goins
by Makenna Wickenheiser
by Michael Johns
by Mya Martin by Nick Vandenbrink
by Rachel Durbin by Rebecca Jones
by Sam Cousino by Sarah Mitchell
by Zackary Carmack