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erlenmeyer.jpgSt. Patrick grade 7 and 8 science students were selected by the Monroe County Intermediate School District to participate in the Stoney Creek Watershed project under the direction of Mrs. Wickenheiser and Mr. Jim Dornberg. This is in conjunction with the River Raisin project work being completed in Downtown Monroe. The Stoney Creek watershed is a relatively small area, 32 miles long. It is located in Washtenaw and Monroe counties. The upper part of the watershed is highly developed (Ypsilanti area) and the lower end (Carleton and beyond) primarily agricultural. Students collected water samples from Stoney Creek and did a hydrology map, temperature protocols, and GPS locations for the location where the water samples were taken. When they returned to the classroom the students tested the dissolved oxygen levels, pH, Nitrate, and Salinity of the water samples.
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