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crayfish.jpgMeet our class visitor: He came over to the St. Patrick School playground from Stoney Creek. He will be released back into the creek flats.
Here is what we learned about him:

Crayfish are crustaceans that are also known as crawdads, crawfish, and freshwater lobsters. They are closely related to lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. There are about 150 crayfish species in North America, and over 540 species worldwide.
Crayfish live in streams, rivers, swamps, ponds, and other freshwater habitats. Most crayfish are strictly aquatic but some live in semi-aquatic environments. The semi-aquatic crayfish burrow into the soil to get to water (so that they can breathe).
Anatomy: This crustacean has a hard exoskeleton that protects and supports the body. The crayfish has 8 jointed walking legs, a Crayfish_bw.GIFbody, 2 pairs of sensory antennae, and compound eyes. It has 2 large pincers or claws called chelipeds. If a crayfish loses a leg, the leg will regrow. The head and thorax are fused, forming the cephalothorax. Using gills, a crayfish breathes oxygen that is dissolved in water. Young crayfish are light tan, but adults are deep red. Their color also depends on diet. As a crayfish grows, it often molts (loses its old shell and grows a new one). It eats the old shell. Crayfish in North America range from 2 to 6 inches (5-15 cm) long. Australian crayfish are larger.
Diet: Crayfish are omnivores. They eat plants, animals, and decaying organisms. They are nocturnal (most active at night) and eat fish, shrimp, water plants, worms, insects, snails and plankton. Larval crayfish are very tiny. They eat plankton.
Predators: Many animals eat crayfish, including fish, herons, mink, otters, snakes, and people.
Crayfish Facts
Crayfish Eating Video
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CRAYFISH HAIKUS by St. Patrick 3rd and 4th grade

By Hannah Reams
Good little crayfish
Runs, crawls, snips, and snaps around
Big, brown, beautiful

By Colin MacKenzie
Really cool crayfish
Snipping people constantly
Looking like a crab

By Grace Kemmerling
Crayfish not too small
Beautiful crayfish, big claws
Strong, hairy, big, fat

By Kyrie Gannon
Not so small crayfish
Snapping sharp pincers all day
Wicked animal

By Kali Wickenheiser
A crabby crayfish
Swimming, pinching, in the creek
Hairy body, strong

By Clayton Roof
A very nice crayfish
Pinching, crawling, looking big
Crawling in water

By Ethan Wilgocki
Crayfish are weird
Have brown exoskeletons
Pinches, walks slowly

By Erich Calkins
Spiky, pointy claws
Walking very slowly
Stinky, never runs

By Cyrus Marks
Snapping, dry crayfish
Pinching, crawling, getting wet
Hard, brown, big creature

By Olivia Lambrix
A class pet crayfish
Slow, pinches, snapping quickly
Wet, mean, colored brown

By Drew Wickenheiser
Crayfish from the creek
Slowly moving, strong, lazy

By Alexis Wilgocki
Crayfish at our school
Jumping as high as a fly
Rough, tough, red pincers

By Hailey Salter
A little crayfish
Small, slimy, hard shell, but cute
Walking crayfish

By Alaina Jones
Beautiful crayfish
Slow, awesome, beautiful, cool
Amazing creature

By Laila Martin
Small, brownish crayfish
Crawling like a turtle, slow
Claws hurt very bad

By Caleb Shrewsbury
Crayfish small but cool
Swimming in the water fast
Claws hurt very bad

By Joseph Czarnecki
Outstanding Crayfish
Big, brownish-reddish color
Coming from a creek

By Gabriel Roberts
Crayfish with big claws
Having fun, snapping wildly
Snappy, wet, smooth

By Brooke Kemmerling
Beautiful crayfish
Snaps claws, hurting all day
Very nice crayfish

By Joseph Belinky
The little Crayfish
Swimming around in the creek
Shell, claws, pinches your nose

By Alaina Hartford
Snappy crayfish
Colorful, crabby, swimming
Strong shell, fast and brave

By Katelyn Karwick
Crayfish very slow
Slimy, water around you
Strong shell, keep unharmed

By Ileina Vroman
A slimy crayfish
Pinches hard, climbing up slow
Being wet, pinches

By Noah Umin
Super cool crayfish
Reddish brown, small, wet, awesome
Kind of weird looking

By Audrey Cousino
A funny crayfish
Wiggly, silly crawling legs
Brown, small, beautiful

By Madeline Howard
Crayfish with pincers
Making a snip, snap, snip, snap
Playful, funny, cute

By Catie Johns
Little wet crayfish
Small, brown moving crustacean
Slimy feeling shell

By Jacob Mitchell
Little, a crayfish
Small, little baby
Small like baby