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Literary Terms ELA Test 5th/6th Study Guide for February 23rd Test

Noun site practice sheets

English Language Arts terms glossary link

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Grammar Quizzes
Awesome Analogies Game

*Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
*Vocabulary Pinball
*Vocabulary Games
*Flash Hangman
*Little Animals Activity Center
*Internet Picture Dictionary
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Analogies Game

Quiz Practice

Character Traits and Motivation
Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory Sentences
  • Punctuation Paintball - Pick a level. Click on the correct punctuation then click on the part of the sentence that needs changing and fire!
  • Sentence Clubhouse- Choose the correct punctuation and correct the sentence
Compare and Contrast
Subject and Predicate
Compound Subjects and Predicates
Simple and Compound Sentences
Author's Purpose and Perspective
Prepositional Phrases
Clauses, Phrases and Complex Sentences