Science Fair

Congratulations to our students for their creativity and excellent projects. Several students will be moving on to the County level March 20th or to the 6th-8th Science and Engineering Fair at Cobo Hall March 13th.

St. Patrick Science Fair Results
1st Place
Abigail Jones, Nicholas Bokuniewicz, Cale Jones, Genavieve Bylow, Isabelle Jones, John Illes, Seth Jones, Brady Carmack, Sarah Busen, Drew Bylow, Cyrus Marks, Brooke Kemmerling, Gracie Bylow, Mackenzie Niedermeyer, Alaina Hartford

2nd Place
Elsie Lange, Madison Boehm, Jessica Helfrich, Isabelle Niedermeyer, Hannah Roof, Luke Wheeler, Madison Bruck, Graham Beste-Walz, Ileina Vroman

3rd Place

Gabriel Bruck, Victoria Busen, Aidan Gannon, Taylor Sestak, Grace Kemmerling, Gabriel Iott, Clayton Roof, Kali Wickenheiser

Honorable Mention
Rebecca Vroman, Timothy Salter, Brody Meiring, Alexander Giarmo


Congratulations to Alaina Hartford, Gracie Bylow, Mackenzie Niedermeyer, Sarah Busen, Seth Jones, Drew Bylow who have been invited to be in the judging competition.

Congratulations to Brooke Kemmerling and Brady Carmack who have been asked to exhibit their project during the event at Cobo Hall.

This is a big honor for all 8 of these students as only 2,200 students across 6 counties are invited to participate

Students had to do preliminary work and file abstracts and other paper work to be considered for judging by the SEFMD

Science Fair

I have been pricing science fair display boards. Hobby Lobby is the cheapest ($4.99) and carries colored display boards.. Display boards are also available in black or white at Staples, but are almost double the price at $9.99.
Pat Catan's at the Frenchtown Mall also has science display boards. Display board size is 45 inches tall and 54 inches across when laid flat. The side flaps are 12 inches across and the center section 30 inches across to equal the 54 inches. These are the measurements of the science fair display boards at Hobby Lobby and Staples.
*NO Header pieces for a title may be added to the top of the board.

Journals should have daily items done with science project recorded including work done at school, all procedures, materials, etc. while doing experiment, and results recorded in the journal. Make sure you include the research topics we went over in school and the description of any work you did on the research ( I found an article, I began the rough draft) The important thing is to add detail to what you do! You should also proofread prior to my journal check.


Michigan eLibrary: Database of articles and resources from magazines and newspapers

I will continue to update this page as new information, materials and links are needed as we go through the science fair process.**

Please e-mail me with questions or concerns.
Science Fair Due Dates

Parent Letter.

Order of of items in folder that goes in front of the science fair board

2018 Science Fair
2018 Science Fair

Metric and Customary Measurement converters:

Graphing Your Results

  • Review your data. Try to look at the results of your experiment with a critical eye. Ask yourself these questions:
    • Is it complete, or did you forget something?
    • Do you need to collect more data?
    • Did you make any mistakes?
  • Calculate an average for the different trials of your experiment, if appropriate.
  • Make sure to clearly label all tables and graphs. Include the units of measurement(volts, inches, grams, etc.).
  • Place your independent variable on the x-axis of your graph and the dependent variable on the y-axis. (these headingd are from your variables and controls work sheets completed in class prior to your experiment)

Create a graph link Use the link to create a graph of your results. I will be assisiting you at school with this-which type of graph works best for your data. Printers at school are black and white. If you would like to have a color copy of your graph send in a flash drive and we can save the graph for you to print at home on your color printer or at Staples.

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Procedure, Materials, Variable/Hypothesis forms

The first three pages are the science fair scoring rubric for St. Patrick 4th-8th grades both group and individual projects. Page 4 is for K-3 scoring.


Helpful hints for writing your topic research paper to accompany your experiment display board